Dragon Law Firm ensures to give our customers completely the necessary legal services related to business activities, investment and business. Our advantages is ability to support customers at every stage - to whenever you need it. We consider the protection of rights and legitimate interests of organizations and individuals as prescribed by law is an important mission in the context of the country's economy undergoing a strong trend of integration and development. Needs and the trust of customers is a driving force of Dragon law firm’s development. 

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Dragon Law Firm - Commercial Arbitration Fees
Valuation Fee Dispute Arbitration
Dragon Law Firm - Legal Services for Commercial Arbitration
Dragon Company Law services resolve disputes arising from commercial activities, including:
Dragon Law Firm - Lawyers argued in court
Dragon Law Office attorneys provide litigation services in courts at all levels as a lawyer or attorney to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the litigants.
Dragon Law Firm - Lawyers Civil litigation cases
Dragon Law Firm is proud of lawyers, consultants, highly qualified, skilled professionals, experienced, responsible work and reputation. We are committed to giving customers the high quality service along with effective solutions and most comprehensive in order to help customers solve . . .
Dragon Law Firm - Lawyers argued case Labor
Individual labor disputes between workers with employers that labor conciliation council basis, the labor mediator of the State management agency on labor districts, towns and cities provincial conciliation fails or is not resolved within the time limit prescribed by law, . . .
Dragon Law Firm - Lawyers Business litigation cases - Commercial
Dragon Company law advice and participation in the settlement of disputes as well as the requirements of customers in the business - commercial as follows:
Dragon Law Firm - Services to detect and warn of infringement of Intellectual Property
Dragon with a law firm lawyers, lawyers, consultants, highly qualified, experienced and responsible work, ready to advise and assist customers to:
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